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Bruinehaar 16 august 2002

Via a e-mail from Tom van Maanen the 'Friday club' was assembled, about eight club members in all would go flying Friday afternoon.

It was a blue sky day as you can see from the photos, wind was very light/nil on the ground and a light NE which changed to a 12km/hr Easterly at the inversion level - 1200m. I arrived and started setting up and a few PG club members launched, as usual unless they immediately get a thermal they spend most of the time saying how bad conditions are and that its too stable by pointing to dissipating clouds. I tell them thats bull and Ill give them a wave from cloudbase to prove them wrong. I hate negative thoughts on the field for no reason. Anyway I launch, step twice and release into a weak thermal that slowly takes me up

Bruinehaar Panorama
Up at the inversion it's nice and cool!