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Stationary and Payout Winch Systems

The following links and photos are a collection of various stationary and payout systems from around the world.

Aero Tow - A winch builder in Slovenia

Pitman Winch from Canada

Koch Winch System (see picture below)

The Koch Winch

Skysailing Ontario Hydraulic winch

A French Payout system together with description (french)

Homebuilt payout system in Northern France

Towing System in Finland

Canadian School using a winch

Self Towing using a motorbike ! (read this Oz Report)

The Reel Hang Glider Pilots Association

Static Towing Tips from Australia

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Wesselman II Hydraulic Winch

The Wessleman Hydraulic Winch

Wesselman Winch "Clone"

A Wesselman type Winch

close up of loose cable device and roller system

View of the drum and roller assemby with loose cable device

Try to get a copy of Towing Aloft! (the definitive guide to all forms of towing & aerotow)

I'm a big fan of John Pop's T-dolly which is excellant not just for aerotowing but for nil wind winching days. See link below :-

T Dolly

The T dolly