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Nieuw Weerdinge October 2003

This is a quick webpage (3 pages in all) to show what happened at the Drenthe Sleepweekend on 18/19th October 2003 organised by Harm and Annet. Thanks to you both it was a great success!

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Mr. Dragonfly
Mr Dragonfly taxiing to take-off

Koos on the dual
Koos's Dual Flight

Taking photos is that easy!
Relaxing behind a Dragonfly

There were 2 ultralights present. Both pilots from Germany. "Mr" Dragonfly and Gunther (who helped out at Deelen 2003). Many thanks to them for turning up.

The event was staged over 2 days to demonstrate to local officials that an Aerotow Flight Park should be set up in the area.

The weather was perfect for late October a high pressure meant that there would be nice easy tows above the inversion.

There was about 15-20 pilots present (I didn't count) of varying abilities and Egon Smit was on hand to give the less experienced a helping hand, as well as giving a helping hand to push Koos's duo dolly...!

What made it interesting for me was to see a Dragonfly in the Netherlands. I've flown behind the Dragonfly both the the USA and Australia and it really is a delight to tow behind it, much more relaxing than behind a trike even for a rigid pilot like myself.