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SE WALES Competition 2002

SE Wales results page

The next two days the wind was southerly, a real problem in SE Wales as not site faces into wind. Solution go to the Blorenge a 1000ft top to bottom and throw yourself off. Suffice it to say that these two days werent too brilliant. The main comp manages a task to Builth Wells 48km away 3 made goal but because the majority of the field was flushed into the bottom landing field it was a low scoring day. A cold front followed by an occluded front was forecast for Monday and after driving up Merthyr in light rain at 11,30am we all voted whether to cancel the day and go to Johns house in Evesham to work on fixing carbon tailplanes, etc. Majority voting 3 for Evesham with one absention (Tony).

Sure enough as the afternoon progressed at Johns place the weather got better, blusterly at first and thereafter with the wind easing a line of convergence clouds passing over the Vale of Evesham. Later we heard that four pilots including Gordon had almost made it to the Malverns, some 70km downwind. Shit!. Still the forecast for the last day looked good