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SE WALES Competition 2002

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The following is a short summary of my experiences at the SE Wales Competition.




I traveled over to the UK on Wednesday night making the journey to SE Wales on the Thursday together with Tony Lucchesi and Andy Hollidge. We pitched the tents up in the camping site and walked down to the village of Crickhowell to enjoy the atmosphere in the pub, it was great swapping stories over a beer and a good, if pricey, meal. A tour of a few pubs followed. Big mistake!. Next morning (the start of the comp) it dawned bright sun and with a fierce hangover I attended the briefing to hear we were off to Merthyr Tydfil.

dumped rubbish on the road to take-off

Merthyr is a grim town of high unemployment and crime. This was soon evidenced by the burnt out cars littering the hillside and household rubbish which had been illegally dumped, terrible!. I hadnt been there in 12 yrs so it was a bit of a shock plus the track up the mountain wasnt fairing too well either.

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