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Namibia 2001

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Pokweni Farm

Pokweni Farm is the location of the Bitterwasser Gliding Club which has built a hanger and ablution facilities. It is hosted by the Club Treasurer - Jos van de Merwe who runs the surrounding farm.

Sunrise at Pokweni Glider Hanger

Sunrise was usually an event in itself

ready to start

The view across the Pan looking towards the hanger

nice to land in the late afternoon and get a drink from the kitchen

an early evening flight enjoying the lift given off by the dunes

stick near the road and look for anything circling!

setting up at the end of the strip

signs of rain in the evening - it evaporated before it hit the ground

Drop in at the Bitterwasser Gliding Club nearby

click here to see the strip in more greener times

Dustdevils !

Dustdevils put in a welcome appearance from about 10am onwards.

Dustdevil detaching from the ground

The flat pan was an ideal breeding ground for the dusties.

Dustdevil marks the lift

After a few days it became clear that finding one after release was the quickest way to get high. Watch the drift and head after them. The best one came from the 4x4 racing across the pan. I entered it at 130m and topped out at 4000m agl.

A nice funnel

The 'Mother' of all dustdevils demolished the Hanger in early Octover 2001 when it entered through the hangerdoor and tore off the roof. Luckily no gliders were damaged by the forceable entry!.

Landing approach near the hanger

We managed to get into the air about 1hr after we arrived.

kalahari landscape - dunes and pans as far as the eye can see

red sky at night shepherd's delight!

the 2km strip as viewed from the adjacent dune

Aerial view of the Pan

The glider winch makes an impressive sight

En route to Bitterwasser

Our heartfelt thanks to Jos van der Merwe and the Bitterwasser Gliding Club for their warm welcome and hospitality!.

To see the present weather near Pokweni click on the link below

Click for Hardap Forecast