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Namibia 2001

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Photo Album

Various Snapshots

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The following sequence shows a hangglider launch using the payout winch mounted on the rear of a 4x4.

clipped in and ready to go!

Keep the wings level and make a few steps to gain speed

Good launch with the vehicle accelerating away

Don't climb too steeply in case of a weaklink failure

Climbing steadily

Release the 1st line to maximise tow height

gravel road

A typical Namibian gravel road

The B1 highway

Namibia's main (busiest?) highway the B1

Daily Briefing

Daily Briefings were an essential part of the day.
Tasks were set based on available weather information.

The Glider Winch

Dont you just love the psycedelic looking winch!

Well and truely stuck

You really get to see the dunes upclose on a Farm drive


Don't even think about hitching here!

market stalls in Swapkopmund

Looking for souvenirs in Swapkopmund